Summer Solstice Retreat : The Light and Fire of Transformation

Thurs, 20 June – Sun, 23rd June 2019

North Yorkshire Dales

Price per person start from £365 sharing a twin-bed room.
There is a payment plan option available should you require.

Give yourself the gift of connection & Celebrate the lightest days of the year this Summer Solstice

The mythological Phoenix rises from the ashes of the past as a symbol of rebirth and transformation. Rising as a victor over the challenges it faced it is perhaps the ultimate symbol of power, strength and renewal. We’ll join together over this solstice to play with the element of the fire within, the fire in the sky; the sun and fire on the land. We’ll work with the alchemical tools of transformation that are inherent in Kundalini Yoga and meditation and I’ll be preparing you to take a walk through your own alchemical process that will culminate with a fire walk. Become like the phoenix and rise up from all that keeps you playing small. Place on the alter all you wish to leave behind and walk through the fire with me. I’ll go first 🙂

From the 20th through to the 23rd of June I am hosting a very special retreat that promises to offer a great deal of rejuvenation and transformation.

Summer solstice marks the lightest day of the year. It is a time when the suns light overshadows the amount of darkness there is in the days and for eons it is a time of year that has been celebrated the world over as a symbol of life and rejuvenation. Broken down the Latin root of the word Solstice means Sol, the sun and sister meaning to take a stand. This summer solstice within the idyllic setting of Patrick Brompton hall in Yorkshire we offer you the invitation to take a stand and create real transformation and change in your life.

As the sun basks the earth in light the focus of this retreat will be to cultivate the light within. The solar plexus within the human body is where we harness the power of the fire energy within. This power is what drives us towards accomplishing what we dream of and gives us the energy and determination to do so.

Using the powerful alchemical techniques that are inherent in Kundalini yoga alongside harnessing the power of the mind you will stoke this inner fire to create the transformations you wish to see in your life. There will be two yoga and meditation sessions daily with plenty of time to rest and explore all the grounds that Patrick Brompton Hall have to offer which include a swimming pool, Swedish hot tub and plenty of surrounding nature to explore or rest in.

The retreat will also offer you the chance to confront what holds you back from realising your dreams by offering you the chance to overcome what perhaps you thought you never could. You will have the chance to learn how to walk through fire and not get burned. The mind is an amazing instrument for change and transformation when we learn to harness the power of it. Ashley will lead you in learning how to do this and though this is on offer should you decide not to walk you will be fully supported in your autonomy to decide this for yourself.

Accommodation is offered for this retreat in shared twin-bed rooms, a twin-bed cottage and single occupancy cottages or rooms. Rooms and cottages are allocated on a first-come-first-choice basis.
Transfers to and from Patrick Brompton Hall are not included.

Discover a slice of paradise in the beautiful North Yorkshire Dales. Join us to Celebrate the lightest days of the year with this all-inclusive weekend at the spectacular Patrick Brompton Hall. A grade II* listed house with cottages and a private yoga studio. Enjoy the indoor swimming pool, Swedish hot tub and plenty of idyllic grounds and private gardens to explore/rest and relax in including a historic walled garden for meditation.

Places are limited to 14 and this retreat is a fully-catered vegetarian retreat with food lovingly prepared by Jen Nelson from

Join us for 3 magical days of yoga, meditation, transformation and fun!