A New Dawn (Online Workshop)
(Kundalini Yoga, Channelled Energy Healing + Yoga Nidra)

Saturday, 28th Nov, 2020

10am – 12:30pm

Investment of £30

Open to all

A new type of world is calling to be lived. Born out of every call of the seeker to awaken, to live more through an embodiment and reclamation of soul self, than the familial and culturally created personality or ego self identification.

It is a subtle call, a call that nature alludes to and is observed in wild animals that are in tune to rhythms of life we have fallen asleep to. Before many seismic geological events the wild hears the cue and responds fully and authentically in tune to what must be done in order to survive.

Are we not being called to respond differently? The same old same old doesn’t seem to cut it any more, no!?

A New Dawn explores embodiment and reclamation of sovereignty in relation to our nature, physical, mental and spiritual. We, each of us, are the new world; it starts within and seeks beyond what is “normal”

Ditch the normal, explore the extraordinary 🙂

Join myself and Sivaroshan Sahathevan, my teaching co partner, with Integrated Kundalini Teacher Training as we go beyond the new normal and create a physical prayer and welcome the call to do things differently.

Using Kundalini Yoga, Channelled Energy Healing and Yoga Nidra we’ll collectively ignite the intention to awaken the dawn through our own type of birdsong.