Workshop : What our hearts know is possible

Tuesday March 21st 2023 7:00 – 9:00pm

Live in London, From the Boat (via Zoom)

Sliding scale investment £22 / £33 / £44 / £55

(Proceeds donated to Humdingers Soup Kitchen Hoxton)

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Join me for a deep dive Workshop!

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Integrated Kundalini Practice – Meditation – Intention Setting

Forging A New Path Ahead

Those who look to the stars see reflections of cycles. Reflecting age-old narratives of “good” vs “evil”. The story of light over dark. The cycle of a day is our most immediate experience of this as day follows night and night then day and so forth. Take a broader view and we have this reflected in the year. Light to dark and back again from the solstices.

Spring Equinox marks a point on the yearly calendar when light and dark are in perfect balance. Everything’s coming alive. Nature is waking up. The same thing is happening within, parts of ourselves are invited to come alive in ways they never have before.

It’s early dawn in the wheel of the year. A new sun is rising. Internal work for this season is to determine which of your winter dreams you want to focus spring’s powerful growth energy on.

What our hearts know is possible, is an Integrated Kundalini workshop to harness the energy of the times, bringing clarity to the coming months as the light outside and inside expands.

Our world is in need of a miracle, not in the sense of an intercession of an external divinity coming down to clean up the mess but in the sense that we can each be that in our own way to the world we inhabit. Our hearts know this is possible and if this resonates, this workshop is for you.

Harness the power of your mind and body to access inner energy reserves that move dreams to reality.

Let’s go deep!

There is a sliding price scale for the workshop, so please feel free to pay what you can. Proceeds will be donated to Humdingers Soup Kitchen in Hoxton who have been supporting local people since the pandemic. To me they are a perfect business model of how to help yourself while helping others along the way.

Let’s help!

Workshop : What Our Hearts Know Is Possible