Workshop : Being the Magic

Globe House Yoga Studio | Bermondsey, London

July 6th, 2024 | 1:00pm – 8:00pm

Investment : £99

Freedom is presented as the jewel of evolved human existence yet in our world, freedom seems to be on the decline. Our sense of agency, slowly being eroded, morphing into a kind of pseudo freedom. Living but not really living.

The good news, is that spirit never leaves our side, especially in challenging times. If you desire to be free, ‘the required magic’ will find you. Are you able to hear its call? It can arrive in the most mysterious of ways it may even present itself as being a little crazy, while still singing of truth?

Just like in the famous story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’; sent out by his mother with their precious last coins to buy some grain at the market. Jack is approached by an unknown man who offers him some magic beans, all logic points to not trust this man, yet somehow Jack buys those beans.

Much admonished by his mother on his return, Jack casts those beens out of his window, disappointed with himself at being taken in. Yet, as it turns out those beens were magic, the magic found Jack, someone open enough to sense the deeper truth (whether he knew it or not)?

The story then unfolds as it does…

How magic is planted and grows in your life is up to you. The beauty is that it anchors beyond the confines of limitation and it roots itself in the radical acceptance of our being. When it touches the richness of our courage and honesty it takes to the skies; blasting through the false and allowing us to flourish on the higher planes of our potential.

Join Ashley and Sivaroshan on this full day peak experience event to unearth your inner magic, transcend your limitation and reach your latent potential.

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