The Gong & The Guru



Can we differentiate ourselves from the cosmos & can the cosmos differentiate itself from us?

Within our date of birth lies the seed of a star, star of our soul. The Gong and Guru, uses two powerful sacred forces Numerology & Astrology together with sound current of creation manifest through the Gong. Using both of these forces we reach into our personal soul Star to learn, heal and transform.

Guru: Beyond form, Beyond Time and space, Beyond Labels, simply Darkness to Light. The journey to understand ourselves can feel huge. We don’t know where to start and we want help, in times gone by we sought out a guru. A teacher that mysteriously and mystically seems to fulfil our need. The guru achieves this by being a channel to the divine itself. Their every word and action is born from neutrality. It was common in India for those with a spiritual calling to find their guru. This was no easy task, as a true guru could not be bought, A true guru would not be rushed, a true guru could not be fooled. Tantric Numerology using the awakening power of 10 Gurus has a specific signature to open us up to our true light.

Gong: Gong is manifest into formless back to manifest. In the emanation and dissemination of sound we dance with the unknown. A dance with all that exists, all that exists is vibration, vibration known and unknown on the subtle and gross layers of reality. The gong opens a door of intimacy to that which sits on the other side of consciousness. That which is often tantalisingly out of reach in our waking world can be accessed through the mystery of sound and it ability to reach into every cell and awaken its true potential. Through learning the art of playing the Gong we uncover a deeper understanding of the self the Guru within.

This course entails an in depth study of the Naad; the sound vibrations of the cosmos. Unearthing the correlation between sound and matter and the ability of sound to bring about healing. You will learn how to effectively play gong to bring about healing in your personal practice and a class situation. And an in depth study of numerology and how numbers influence your life, discovering in depth your life path, gifts and challenges through numerology*.

Lead Trainers: Sivaroshan Sahathevan & Ashley Jones

• Investment – £745 includes, Tuition, Food & Accommodation, price based on room sharing
• Immersion – 50 hours of further study towards 500 hour TT*
• The Training is held in Lantern Cottage in Glastonbury
• Seva / Karma Yoga is part of training and is an important aspect of Yogic Life.
• This Training is open to all Kundalini Yoga teachers

*For Teachers that have Completed Integrated Kundalini Training (200 Hours – Foundation) this contributes 50 hours of further accreditation. A Certificate of completion is issued on finishing the course.