200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training Course, 2023

FEB 10-12 / MARCH 10-12 / APRIL 14-16 / MAY 19-22 / JUNE 16-18 / JULY 14-16 / AUG 12-18

This training is first and foremost a soul awakening training, a training where you learn the tools to discover yourself and enter into a conscious relationship with your own life force. Yoga means Union and as a result you enter a process of re-orientation.

Integrated Kundalini Yoga is a foundation that enables you to make exceptional progress on your life path. Especially when faced with the tsunami of information & change happening on the planet right now.

Integrated Kundalini yoga is a tool for us to reach the source of our longing. The road that each individual takes is different; only you can plot the path. The times we are living are not about the old ways of seeking a teacher high up in the mountains, rather the teacher is discovered within.

Integrated Kundalini Teacher Training chisels your character and calibre to become an Alchemist of Life. It is a training to reveal the authentic you – everything else follows. The call to teach often happens when the “cup overflows”; yet there is no rush, there is no requirement, and when it happens, you will know.

The training is held in Glastonbury (the Heart Chakra of the world) and online. The confluence of ley lines (energy highways) that merge in Glastonbury facilitates a powerful awakening of the spirit. Weekends will be spent in community online or in real life.

The training is broken down into 6 residential weekends and one 5-day retreat and will cover the hours required for a Yoga teacher training. This foundation training is a journey of awakening. Through the integrated practice of Kundalini Yoga each weekend ignites the key to spark the soul on its journey.

Initiation – Awakening Fire – The Bridge – Life force – Pathfinder – The Source – Soul Light

The training is anchored by these 7 aspects, with yoga modules delivered across the Weekends and Retreat week. Each theme marks a chapter that has the potential to perpetuate our entire lives.