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Join us on a journey beyond the ordinary, where ancient echoes of Egypt converge with the modern times. We will embark on a soul-stirring journey through the sacred landscapes and megaliths Egypt has to offer; inviting you to remember the ancient wisdom impregnated here.
Throughout the 10-day expedition through many of Egypt’s mystical sites, you’ll have the opportunity to practise embodied yoga and meditation sessions especially curated for this journey through Egypt.

Draw on the resonance of the yoga practice as a physical prayer which allows you to unlock energetic pathways of knowledge held within, echoing through energy imprints within the land from another time.

Learn alchemical tools of transformation that are inherent in Integrated Kundalini Yoga as we explore this significant spiritual power point that is Egypt amidst the ancient wonders.

This Retreat Journey offers an adventure and deep dive into ourselves as well as the country.

We ask that you bring your Indiana Jones spirit thus allowing the trip to unfold in magical and perhaps mysterious ways.


We will explore…

• How did the ancient Egyptians see the world?

• What are the nine bodies of a human being and our possibilities for spiritual evolution?

• How did the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language shape consciousness?

• Who or what are the Neters?

Each day we will inquire into such questions together as we explore this ancient land.

Discover the knowledge that is resurfacing within you and within Egypt and allow this to guide you on your own spiritual Journey forward.

Day 1 : April 25th Arrive to Cairo Airport

We gather together and meet our Egyptian guides for our transfer to our hotel in Giza.

Day 2 : Cairo City

Morning Yoga and welcome ceremony to seed the Intention for the journey.
After Breakfast we begin a day exploring the unique architecture and sites of Old Cairo, including the traditional Arab Souq of Khan El Khalili.

Returning to the hotel in the evening we close the day with a guided meditation before dinner.

Day 3 : Pyramid Exploration

A full day of extensive pyramid exploration. The day includes a visit to Sakkara to see the Step Pyramid and Serapeum and then on to Dashur to see the Red and Bent Pyramids. Returning to the hotel in the evening we close before dinner with an integration meditation after a day filled with the awe-inspiring wisdom keepers ancient structures.

Day 4 : The Great Pyramid and Sphinx

Last Day in Cairo Includes iconic landmarks, the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and Valley Temple and a visit to the Cairo Museum follows.

Day 5 : Aswan and Philae

After flying to Aswan early in the morning, we check into our hotel and freshen up before we continue with the itinerary which includes a visit to Philae and an evening exploration of markets on the east bank, renowned for spices. The large bazaar offers a vibrant experience without overwhelming crowds.

Day 6 : Drive to Luxor via Kom Ombo and Edfu

After morning yoga and breakfast we take a 4-hour drive to Luxor. Here we will visit Kom Ombo in the morning and Edfu in the afternoon.

Day 7 : Luxor - Yoga, Esna, Wekalet El-Geddawy Caravansary, and Luxor Museum

The day starts with morning yoga and breakfast. Followed by an exploration including the Wekalet El-Geddawy caravansary and the Hypostyle hall of the Temple of Esna with the beautifully painted zodiac symbols on the ceiling (only recently cleaned of soot) and the Luxor Museum.

Day 8 : Karnak and Luxor Evening

A visit to Karnak and Luxor temples are followed by optional evening exploration or a quick swim. A possibility of attending the light show in the evening.

Day 9 : Abydos Exploration

With an early start we journey to Abydos. The day promises a unique exploration of Abydos and an opportunity for relaxation in the evening with yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Day 10 : Nile Cruise to Dendera

A restful day unfolds with a Nile Cruise on the Lotus Cruise, a mystical journey takes us back in time as we relax and watch the scenic route cruise along to Dendera and back.

Day 11 : Valley of Queens and Farewell

The final day features visits to the Valley of Queens, Nefertari’s tomb, Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, and Medinet Habu. After our last Yoga and meditation session we close with a celebratory dinner together.

Please note that the mentioned timings and activities are subject to confirmation with your tour guide and may be adjusted based on local conditions. Where possible we will secure time alone to tune into and activate what is sacred within each sacred place we visit.

This journey isn’t just a retreat; it’s an invitation to tap into these ancient currents, to activate your essence, and to awaken amidst the echoes of a timeless land. Allowing the energy of the past to converge with the present.

What’s Included

• 11 Nights Half Board Accommodation

• Internal transfers to sites

• All professional English Speaking guides through the journey

• Daily Yoga / Meditation / Activation Sessions

• Entrance fees to all Temples*

• Your name written in hieroglyphics and its symbolic meaning. There will be the opportunity to have it made into personalised jewellery along with the Egyptian Principle associated with your Enneagram type from the best Coptic jewellers in Luxor.

• Tips for guides, drivers and temple guardians

* If the Grand Egyptian Museum is open in 2025 and we decide to visit, the entrance fee is not included.

What’s Not Included

• Flights to and from home country

• Lunch and evening meals

• Personal travel and liability insurance

• Entry Visa to Egypt

• Hotel will charge for laundry service

Retreat Leaders

Ashley Jones

With almost 20 years of guiding transformative groups and drawing from a wealth of disciplines, her mission is to lead others to their inner well of knowledge and personal power for the greater good for self and the collective. She is wholly committed to anchoring the light available to all in these transformative times we are living.

Ashley will expertly guide you through physical and meditative practices to support the unfolding journey through Egypt.

Magnus Robinson

Magnus is more at home in nature, dowsing ancient sites or reading books on ancient Egypt and has always had an ambivalent relationship with the modern world. He studied History at university and later studied with native wisdom keepers from Egypt and New Zealand. Experiencing the dissonance between the academic perspective and those who live an ancient tradition has shaped his world view. He is convinced that now more than ever we need to reawaken in ourselves the wisdom of the ancients.

Magnus has a regular practice of Egyptian breath work and postures, which are hardly known outside of Egypt, and has been meditating for over 17 years.

Magnus will help you to understand the symbolic meaning of some of the hieroglyphs, starting with your name and how the ancient Egyptians understood the world, the nature of human beings and our potential for transformation. He will be demonstrating some of the Egyptian physical practices such as breathing exercises for the twelve senses.